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Nail Colour Trends for Summer

Do you ever get to the beauty salon for a fresh set of nails and spend far too long deciding which colour to choose? That colour wheel can be overwhelming, right? 

We often end up just going with the same one each time - to keep it quick and simple... But that's totally not necessary! A useful strategy is to make a list of must-try colours on a note on your phone, which you can have ready in time for your next appointment.

Today we're exploring a couple of Summer 2022 Nail Colour Trends to help you get that shortlist going 

There are lots of different opinions out there - but the consensus is clear... This year is all about COLOUR!! 

For a long time nudes, beiges and subdued shades have dominated the scene but things have changed... This year the brighter you go, the better - think coral, fuchsia, turquoise, lime green and the works!

For the more understated ladies amongst us: The classic French Manicure will always be in style, however the Milky Nail has been made famous by JLo after her highly publicised wedding - and has trended massively since! 

Another low-key favourite of ours this season is a Dove Grey! We love how the coolness of this colour is contrasted against a warmer skin tone or a sun-kissed summer skin.

We'd be very curious to hear which colour you go with next! Send us a snap, wearing your Julz Summer Sandals or tag us on Instagram or Facebook. 


Featured above is our Amber Slip-On - a cork sole sandal with a 100% genuine leather upper. It comes in 4 different colour options!

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