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Do you have a narrow or a wider foot?

A classic white sneaker is a staple in any wardrobe. It offers endless versatility and can be worn throughout the year - with just about anything from your favourite pair of denims, shorts and as the trends have evolved, now even with a beautiful midi or maxi dress too!


Our signature Julz Sneaker, Nicki, is best-suited to those with a narrow to normal width foot. It's also got a slightly flatter sole, meaning it offers a very 'barefoot feel.' When it comes to the aesthetic side, you'll notice that it has more discrete, rounded laces with the cutout star on the side of the shoe.

Valentina is a newer addition to the range. It is best-suited to someone with a normal to wider foot. It features a statement, ribbed sole - which lends additional interest to the design as well as an additional height boost for those who may prefer that.

Both are utterly fantastic shoes (no bias 😜) but read the reviews on our website for any further insight or reassurance or contact us directly - should you have any questions that we could answer.
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